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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by kraab, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Couple questions for you guys that do lots of land clearing. One of my customers has a vacant property that he is renovating and making into apartments. Before the renovation begins he wants us to remove all the vegetation on the property, everything. No large trees but defintely a lot of debris to remove. I have a mitsubishi fuso dump truck that I was planning on using but it is getting fixed. I just bought it and it had sat for a while, so Im having problems with it now.

    I was thinking of getting a dumpster dropped off at the site and just load it up with all the debris. Has anyone went this route before? Depending on where you are, did you have to get permits for this type of thing?
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    Yes, some places require permits. You can probably find that out right now if you search out your cities website.

    The bin idea is do-able. Just a quick search on line for bin rentals.

    Calculating the amount of waste and number of bin loads or dump truck loads
    can be a tough one.
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    Rent a chipper...
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    How large of a property? A small dozer or large MTL with root grapple may be the best bet.
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