Land Scaper's get electrocuted

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by LawnMower, Nov 29, 2005.

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    About 9 o'clock yesterday morning a land scaping crew was vacuuming up leafs. The truck was backing up and it caught a guy wire and ended up pulling a live wire down onto the truck. It poured 8000 volts into the guy that was holding the vac tube. The other guy tried to yank him off the handles and got him self electrocuted too. The guy in the truck was ok till he jumped out. He got slightly burned and was released from the hospital. The other two guys lived but there not doing well.

    I guess one of the guys got his hand burned off. I talked to a town worker, he said one guy had smoke coming off his body, when the rescue got there.

    Lesson to all of us. Leave boxes are high, and electrical wires are way too low. Ill try and find a link to the artical in the news paper. It happend in Middetown Rhode Island.
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    How unfortunate, its really too bad when a few people get serriously hurt from a preventable accident like this one. My prayers go out to the workers and there families.

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