Landed my first pressure washing job today

Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by bigw, Jan 31, 2008.

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    Nitro121 you hit the nail on the head. I AGREE FULLY!!! I'm still looking to get some simple questions answered in a thread titled "NEED SOME HELP"

    From one response I felt like a 12 yr old on a bike looking to start a pressure wash service. I respect everyone on this site and there are a lot of professionals and impressive web sites........but just looking for some answers. Thanks guys.:canadaflag:
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    there is a guy with yard signs all over my area $120 single story. Crazy Right. then i show up asking 300 looking like a jerk.
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    Tell me about it,i hear more negative crap on here then anything. No one really wants to help the new guy on here,all they want to do is talk alot of crap about how great they are and how many accounts they have and how anything you plan to do will fail.Personally im tired of the bull sht and i for one aint taking their bs anymore,so be preparied to get bashed right back from now on if you are going to be bashing on me.Its like they are so worried that you might actually succeed.I do appreciate the guys that do try to really give some good advice and try to understand that us new guys need support and not negativity all the time.I will just keep on keeping on and weed out the rift raft!
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    There will always be someone trying to undercut your prices.
    A one story house with vinyl siding should take about 50 minutes or less to wash so $120.00 is a bottom line price. You can up-sell the gutters which this guy will not be able to do right without the proper chemicals and technique (that's a given). This should bring you to $200.00 for 1h10 of work. More if you up-sell terrace, driveway, etc...
    If the house is brick with mold on it, let him have it and see how long he will have to work to clean it up (without etching the brick that is :laugh:)

    Knowing what you provide, and being able to explain your customer the benefits is the key to success in Power Washing.

    If you have questions about this, just ask... :waving:
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    I will help anyone who wants to learn about proper methods and pricing.I have done it time and again over the last 5 yrs.When "US" the guys that make our living pressure washing tell you or anyone else that low prices will not keep them afloat we know what we are talking about.We have literally seen as many or more pressure washing companies come and go as you have lawn companies.They all fail for the same reason.LACK OF KNOWLEGDE.
    You and other don't like the pressure washing professionals giving you the cold hard facts because it's not what you want to hear.
    If someone thinks the jag-off at Home Depot trying to sell them a pressure washer is an expert,think again.If the extent of their research into what pricing and proper methods entail are based on the same jag-offs advice,think again.
    No one has to start out with a $20k rig to make money,but the equipment you buy will factor heavily into what types of work you can do.Cold water machines pretty much limit you to residential(homes,sidealks and driveways). A hot water skid opens the door to restaurants,banks,gas stations(commercial) plus the residential work.
    Cleaning a driveway with a wand vs. a surface cleaner will eat into your bottom line.A 2.3gpm machine will do the same thing.The recommended starting point for residential work is 4gpm.Proper knowledge of what tip sizes to use to drop the PSI on a machine is another little hint that shouldn't be over looked either.Blasting the pizz out of someones vinyl house,deck or wood siding with 3000psi is not cleaning.It's vandalism.
    There is a lot more to this than spraying water.I have chems on my rig that can cause serious physical injury,blindness and death,as well as,serious damage to property if not used correctly.
    So you can call us riff raff if you want,but we may end up being the riff raff that save you from damaging someones property or hurting yourself.
    I pressure wash,I don't cut grass that doesn't mean I discourage anyone from adding PWing as a service to their business.Just learn to do it right.
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    Did he run out of paint for the other side? lol

    You'll find that you'll get the best response if you tell the whole amount of the story the first time. Such as "he's a friend of a friend", or "i'm only cleaning one side of the house. People read what is posted, and if they don't know the full story, then they will post their opinion on the information that was given.
    Imagine sitting around a bar having a beer with a bunch of guys. Do you think everyone that is sitting around the table is going to be patting you on the back, "way to go man, that's great." Or will there be guys that will say exactly what they think? This site gives everyone a wide range of opinions, some good, some bad... it's just how it is.
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