landed my largest job EVER

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by alexschultz1, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Lol whatever you say Mr. Jim, I guess you have the game on lock and everything figured out..... I'm not gonna bang my head on the wall either! Carry on brothers!
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    My pastor gave a whole sermon on this very subject recently, how parents are doing such a disservice to their children by letting them believe there are no consequences for not working hard, and life is all about having fun all the time and everyone is always a winner no matter how hard you work. I think it's pathetic how some parents are raising their kids these days, and apparently I'm not the only one. Sorry for getting on the soap box.
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    JimLewis " If you see a guy who is gleefully ignorant that he is about to step in a big pile of crap and twist their ankle in the same spot you just stepped in a few months ago do you just tell him, "Awesome, glad you're happy!" No!!!". This is you calling the op ignorant, I'm not going to post on this topic anymore.
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    Come on..... You just started a great debate here. I defended myself and my position and now you're not even going to try to defend yours and provide any kind of response? You're just going to bow out now??? Why'd you come in here and start making all sorts of claims if you didn't want to have the nerve to stick around and have a real discussion about it? Were you just trying to stir up the pot a little?
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    Picking apart everyone's posts and saying "See? You were mean, right there!" is ridiculous. The fact is that everyone who has voiced concerns that five days is a little ambitious has been there and is getting that same feeling reading this. That memory of the knot in the stomach, being eight days into the job and nowhere near done, and trying to figure out a way - any way - to make it out of this job and at the very least break even, ideally without having to go to the homeowner and say "I screwed up, I need more money to finish."

    Someone who has been down the road before and cares enough to stop someone from making the same mistakes he or she did is a mentor. Someone who just smiles, pats your head, and tells you everything you ever do will be AWESOME! because you're such a great kid... that's grandma.
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    ^^^ so very true! I've had some guys help me out when they saw that I was going down a bad path and am very thankful for the mentoring it is how we should all be these days. Due to the economy, there are a lot of guys out there that are having to reinvent themselves and need a good mentor, instead of someone tearing them down. I know because I'm one myself. So far this site alone has been a tremendous help and have said it many times "Thank you"
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    Very Well Said!!!
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    I was going to reply to the ignorant thing, because I always get jumped on for calling peeps ignorant, but Jim did a fantastic job of answering so much more diplomatically than I would have.

    Wouldn't you agree Chaz and MJD?

    Anyways, Tim, you say that if someone doesn't ask for help, someone else shouldn't give it. So if someone is walking across a street and about to get hit by a semi, no one should warn the person of the approaching danger?

    I'm betting if I was nice like you I'd probably still be on PS.

    Nicely done Jim.

    Ignorance is not necessarily a negative thing. Everyone is ignorant. Are you a neurologist? Then you're ignorant regarding the brain. Nuclear fission? Once again you're ignorant. So am I. No one knows everything, which by definition makes us all ignorant of one thing or another.

    Attempting to help someone who is ignorant on his time estimates is not negative or bashing. It is just that: help. It's up to the OP to accept the help or not.
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    ok, so heres an update. As everyone predicted i was in over my head, so i subbed out the retaining walls/grading/irrigation/lighting/ with a mark up and i will be overseeing the entire project. after all the hardscaping is done i will come in with my crew and finish off the plants and sod. ill post some pics of the design
  10. alexschultz1

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    i dont have enough patience to upload everything soo here ya go


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