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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Remsen1, Mar 30, 2006.

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    I'm going to make my first attempt at contacting potential commercial clients for lawn maintenance. So far the few commercials that I have, have all contacted me through word of mouth.

    Would anybody like to share with me the most effective procedure? There are approximately 10 businesses that I would like to solicit with hopes of landing one or two of them. I was thinking of attacking it something like this...

    1.) Personally visit the property. Ask the front person if she knows if they were happy with their lawn company, then ask if it would be okay for me to give them a quote for comparison (or get the permission of whoever is responsible). Ask her name, the office phone#, ask for manager's name so I can compliment on how helpful she was.
    2.) Prepare a professional quote for basic lawn services. Make another personal visit, "hi (so-in-so)" make it a point to remember the name, "I've got the quote for lawncare that I promised!". Make a little small talk, then excuse self to "make it to an appointment to speak with some other clients". Getting in good with the front person. Some may disagree, but I believe this is very important. "Oh by the way, could I give you a quote for _____ too; it needs some attention?" If they agree then ask if I could fax it. Get the fax number. Now we've got a way to send them some periodic information.
    3.) Fax the quote for the additional service. A few hours later call to confirm receipt, then thank them for considering us, "It's been a pleasure and I hope we get to talk again real soon".
    4.) Hope that we've made a good enough impression that all of this work will make it to the manager and maybe she'll even put in a good word for us. "Looked professional", "Seemed compitent", "clean clothes, didn't drool on hiself" LOL.

    So how do you do it? Is this basically how you guys who have sought out commercials have obtained them? I read somewhere on here that the commercials worth having (upper end commercials) get enough solicitation that you have to go after them, cause they get so many offers that they do not need to seek an LCO.
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    I've done all that and then some, I haven't had much sucess, I really starting to appreciate my residentials, if a commercial bid comes thru ...... great, but you caould spend 40 hours a week meeting and giveng bids, talking on the phone with leads, etc, and come out with nothing. Its all a big Maybe when you bid comm. I personally am changing the direction I thought I was going to go with my company from comm. to resi's. But you have the dright idea on how to go after them, but then again I'm not exactly a pro!
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    Get in the yellow pages and advertise Commercial Propoertys are your spedialtyt.
  4. Branchland

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    Same here. That's what I've done with very little success. The commercials I have now came from referrals from existing residential clients. Good luck.
  5. nobagger

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    Just be persistent but not to the point you are annoying. And if you get a chance to submit a bid make it an offer they cant refuse and be the most professional person you can be. You guys think Joe Blow lawn care can be low ballers.... I lost an account that we got through buying out another company and it was a nice sized account, I didn't raise the price from last year in hopes that it would be a done deal. I just found out one of the larger companies that have been around for years low balled me by at least 40%:hammerhead: wtf!

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