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    I was wondering does a landplane do that much of a better job than a bucket to justify the expense. I do a good bit of grading for new home construction and with landscapers. I am going to demo one in the next couple of weeks. Would like to hear some comments from people who has used them.

    Mike Thomas

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    That's what we call a leveling bar. It depends on what you really are looking to do. If what you are after is to smooth a rough grade that has already been cut, that is a good tool, that you can train your guys pretty quickly, and not screw up the grade by inadvertantly hitting a tilt or float lever or something simliar. Don't look for it to do much more than that.

    A box scaper or 6-1 blade on an MTL will do the same thing your landplane will, and, have the ability to make contours the plane won't.

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