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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kiwiwill, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. kiwiwill

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    I have been looking at the landpride overseeder.
    I would like to know of peoples experiences with these, and whether there are better options.

    Another drill I have looked at is the moore unidrill.

    I will be using it for new installs and for general renovations and overseeding.

    Cheers Will
  2. rcreech

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    IMO the LP is the best seeder on the market! You can do new seedings and also do an excellent job over/interseeding.

    I have owned a Land Pride OS1548 for three years now and it is a stud machine (it is up in my avatar pic).

    Did almost 30+ acres total of lawns in 2007 and also did a lot of commercial work.

    Seeding with a big seeder (any brand I am sure) is a big money maker.
    There are several units I would advise you stay away from. They look nice, but are very light in weight and also built chinsey!

    Land Pride builds their machine to last! I have a lot of respect for the way they build their equipment!
    Check you PM and give me a call if you want to talk in further detail.

  3. Weedburner

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    Land Pride makes a good seeder and will do you a good job. I looked at several brands before I bought mine. I had the choice narrowed down to a Brillion or Land Pride. I ended up with a Brillion because I found a good used one. One word of caution, they are heavy. My 4 foot Brillion weighs 1300 LB. They don't take much power to run, but you need at least 40 HP tractor to really carry them around safely. I use a 4710 John Deere and had to add 6 front weights.
  4. CTS

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    I have also been looking at overseeders and hope someone can tell me if the JD 3520 4x4 can handle any of the units, landpride, befco, frontier, or the kasco? Thanks.
  5. Overseeder

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    We use a Vredo SUPERcompact machine with a wheelkit, suitable for every small tractor.
  6. muddstopper

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    Recreeh, what is the life span of the knives on the landpride overseeder. I looked at one a few months back but figured the maintenance that would be required for the type of seeding I would be using it for would make it not so good a choice. I seed pretty rocky fresh graded areas most of the time, plenty of big rocks. I decided to experiment with building my own seeder. Here are the pic,s. This was just for a test project and I have broken it but it lasted longer than I expected. I plan on adding a seed box and a hydraulic cylinder to lift the cultipacker so I can regulate how deep the harrows cut.

    The first pick is the rig, for lack of a better word. I took a set of cutting harrows and cut them in half. I then added a 6ftx10inx3/8in pipe. I welded 11-20ft sticks of 1/2 in rebar on 2 inch centers around the pipe to make a cultipacker. I ran a 1 1/2in steel shaft thru the pipe and added bearing on each end. I dont know what the rig weighs, the pipe itself was over 300lbs, but it wasnt heavy enough so i added 4-75lb weights on top of the cutting harrows for an additional 300lbs of weight. Now it cuts thru about anything.

    The second pick is of some hard compacted fill, notice the large rocks.
    the last picture is where i ran it over some #88 stone just to see how it would look. It looks similar in soft dirt.



  7. muddstopper

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    I used this setup to seed 4 acres before it broke. I plan on rebuilding it using tubeing instead of the 4inch channel that I first used to make the cultipacker frame. Thats where it broke. I also plan on making the cultipacker float instead of being welded rigid to the harrows. I will be adding a 6ft seed box between the cutters and the packer, probably driven by the packer wheel or maybe an electric motor.

    To seed the area, I broadcasted all materials and then ran over it with the "rig". It turned out really well. I was afraid of burying the seed to deep, but it came up in neat 2in rows and looked like every seed germinated. I dont have pics

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