landscape bed weed control


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I am at this moment,taking a break from study material for applicators license.its one thing to know the rules- its another to acually make money following them!!I am working on a bid for several BIG commercial jobs and have no clue how to bid weed control for non turf areas.Should i bid by the sq.' in a price similar to that of turf areas or is there a big difference in material costs, labor etc.?Any replies most appreciated.


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Snapshot will cost ~$3.62-$7.24 per 1000 ft&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt; depending on application rate. 5-G will cost ~ $1.60-$3.20 per 1000 ft &lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;. Read the labels and you will know that Snapshot is for perennials and 5-G for annuals. That seems to be the EPA's mantra, &quot;read the label.&quot; Don't give your services away, either. It seems that a rate of one dollar per minute of time spent on the job is cheap. That figure would be added to fertilizer cost for the customer's total price.&lt;p&gt; Although, for turfgrass a half-hour job would be larger than an acre, for sure. If you walk 3 mph and have an effective spread width of 10 feet, you are spreading at a rate of 2,800 ft &lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt; per minute, excluding load/unload and spreader fill time. Anything can be broken into easily used production rates which give the operator a basis by which to estimate jobs.&lt;p&gt;John<br>