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Landscape Bidding.......


LawnSite Member
Just have a couple questions for you guys about bidding for landscaping. I was just wondering how a couple of you guys bid things, I have been in the business for a couple of years and just looking for a way to be more profitable doing the landscaping portion of the business.

Bidding materials?
Bidding of equipment rental?
Bidding labor costs?

Just wanted to just some idea of what other companies are doing out there. Anyway that you guys can help would be great thanks.

Stuttering Stan

LawnSite Bronze Member
A simple, bare bones way to start out bidding is to double the price of what your costs are. For example, if you buy a shrub for $10, you should charge $20 installed for that shrub. So you just made $10 profit. Do this with everything involved in the jobsuch as mulch, dirt, rentals, etc.