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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Bay de Noc Lawn Car, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. Bay de Noc Lawn Car

    Bay de Noc Lawn Car LawnSite Member
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    Any one know what the going price is for landscape bolders? Size~ 12''x18''x24'' Thanks
  2. snap12.5

    snap12.5 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ohio
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    around here sandstone boulders go for around $40/ton. from my experience the size u gave 12x18x24 probably weighs about 450lbs. so from 1 ton u could get around 4-5 boulders of that size.
  3. Bay de Noc Lawn Car

    Bay de Noc Lawn Car LawnSite Member
    Messages: 161

    Is granite any different? We do not have sandstone close by.
  4. TerraFirma Excavating

    TerraFirma Excavating LawnSite Member
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    Here they price large boulders of basalt on a rock by rock basis. Post-9/11 drove up the demand by the Army and Air Force to utilize them for barriers around buildings. They look much better than pipe posts or concrete barriers. A 24"x24"x24" boulder could cost $150-$200!!! There is only 1 quarry in town, so we can't really shop around either.

    I got three free last year because a homeowner hired me to remove them from their yard. They were surrounding some trees which their children had a tree fort in and were concerned about the falling hazard.
  5. snap12.5

    snap12.5 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ohio
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    i think granite might be heavier but not sure. your stone supplier would know better.
  6. earthtool

    earthtool LawnSite Member
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    In Mich you should be able to almost get them for free... especially around the glacier wash area. It is like the most problematic thing when you are doing site prep. Just pay for transport and your in. Your in the UP take a minute and call your county extension agent he or she should be able to give you all the info you need.
  7. finallyfree

    finallyfree LawnSite Member
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    They go around $59 a ton here, but I have yet to buy any... There is so much construction going on that if I drive by a site and see any I ask the
    manager of the site if I can take them and 95% of the time I get the ok,all
    sizes, I have enough at the shop to do 10 retaining walls for a development
    we are working in and heck $ 3500 that I get for a boulder wall 1 level only
    I can spend 1 hour myself loading them. I found a pile that will fill 3 10 yd dump trucks so you know where I will be this Saturday..can never have enough
  8. olderthandirt

    olderthandirt LawnSite Platinum Member
    from here
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    I charge .15 a pd for rocks and the best I can do is guess. Most rocks/ boulders for landscape design weigh 7 hundred pds. and up.
    The price does not include delievery or placing of the boulder.

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