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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by AMW Landscaping, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. PenningsLandscaping

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    I never use it with mulch installs, it's not really that effective. I always use it for stone though.
  2. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Its not waste of time or money If you are in a area where you have termites when that mulch gets to break down point it will hold termites
    I seen this first hand. So with cloth keeps the mulch from breaking down and if you remove old mulch and apply new add weed preventer good to go another 3 years

    The problem most people have they never want to clean out old mulch .
    Its all about the price not the service.
    One reason I don't do much mulch work anymore. I bid to remove old mulch and install new Cost more, I bid against people that just add mulch no removal. So who you think wins
    And what happen like on trees people add and add before you know it its 6''-8'' on the trunk of tree and stunts the growth of the tree.
    If the beds are treated right each spring you wont have any weeds growing on the cloth.
    Why I like rock beds its cheaper in long run
  3. vallz

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    I use to put down landscape fabric when I first started off, but now I've realize first hand that its a complete waste of time. After about 3 or so years the fabric will clog no matter how "good" the lable says it is, but it will clog from dirt, mulch, grass clippings, leaves, etc. and once it clogs, it will not properly allow the water to flow through it causing mulch to run off. More importantly it doesn't allow water to reach plant & tree routs as easily which can effect plants health in the long run. Plus not installing it allows you to offer bed maintenance jobs.
  4. andersman02

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    No weed preventer here for mulch, only for rock. Never use plastic for rock, just heavy cloth.

    We never remove mulch either. Let it decompose into nutritional fertilizer. Why remove the mulch each time? Never understood that.
  5. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    not each time But its best to remove it so can treat to keep pest out and doesn't get to deep on shrubs or trees

    What mulch jobs I have I remove every 3 years

    It doesn't break down in a year can take over 3 years and each time add on top the deeper it gets and on trees to much mulch is bad for a trees. I even seen in beds mulch depth is to deep but people cuts corners just add and add
  6. chefcam864

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    I never use the stuff because I've never noticed it to be particularly effective. I prefer a pre emergent. It's easier and more effective. I used Preen for southern gardens for about two years, and it worked pretty well. I've just recently started using snapshot on mulch, and it appears to be a great product. I always price mulch jobs with pre emergent(when appropriate.). It's an easy thing to do and customers appreciate that they hardly ever see weeds in their beds.
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  7. Husq123

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    I use it all the time
  8. TX Easymoney

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    One new reason to install fabric is for distribution uniformity of water throughout the bed or other area....not really as a weed barrier as it is designed to be installed below plants with drip irrigation.
    It operates same as a whicking bed...I'd think the cloth would allow the water to whick at other depths...this is a water saving product designed by Hunter
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  9. ch4x0r

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    The 50 lb bag of snap shot how much is to be applied to a area or actually how far will a 50 lb bag last you.
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  10. chefcam864

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    Snapshot is applied at a rate of 2.3lb/1k sqft. So, a 50lb bag treats about 21,700 square feet. That will cover a good many beds. However, the stuff is pricy, so make sure you take it into account when bidding.
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