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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Vibe Ray, May 31, 2002.

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    I am trying to get a landscape contractor's license. I have found out a lot about it and all, but the thing I can't find out is how can I study for the exam? Are there books that would cover it? Curious about what the exam covers and how to learn everything it covers....
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    Vibe Ray
    First off, good luck in getting your license.

    As to study aides, I'm sure your state contracting board would have some booklets that you look over. OR

    You can do it the way I did and most people that I know of did. Go to a contractor's exam school. Might cost you a few bucks, but most will help you until you pass the exam.

    You may also want to contact your state's Landscape contractor association. They may have and probaly do have classes that you can take to prep for the exam.

    Your local library also may be a good and cheap source also.

  3. Vibe Ray

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    where do i go to find out about getting the exam, and where do i actually take it, is it mailed out or? also, how much does it cost? and one more question, where can i get licencing for pesticides/herbicides/fertilization/spraying... i need a lot of help and someone to talk to, i am just getting started out, but i need to find out about licencing

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