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Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by 205Tilley, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. 205Tilley

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    I've done a fair about of online searching so I thought I would ask this wonderful group!

    Does anyone know where I could rent a landscape curbing machine in Minnesota? I am willing to drive a bit to find one - would love to do this at my personal property but I am not about to pay someone else to do it :nono:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. ecurbthims

    ecurbthims LawnSite Senior Member
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    Just buy one from harbour freight ,sell it when your done or rent it out to others .
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  3. SnoMower

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    from NW WI
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    Don't get roped in to a piece of crap machine like the ones at harbor freight. I'll sell you a Borderline curb machine. We have one as a back up and don't need it.
  4. redmax fan

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    this thread is first ive heard of this process and just went to youtube and saw guys forming concrete curbs over bare ground without footing and am wondering is that what everybody does ?
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