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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Fahzu, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Fahzu

    Fahzu LawnSite Member
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    Can anyone offer suggestions for books that have techniques for learning landscape design? I'm interested in making a little extra money doing some basic residential design. ( Is this even feasible? )
  2. zapmaz

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    I just ordered a small variety on amazon. Cant recomend any yet. is where to look for good books, or local library they have a ton there to.
  3. Fahzu

    Fahzu LawnSite Member
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    Thanks. So many to choose from on Amazon, it's hard to drop $40 or $50 on a book in some cases. Haven't hit the library for a while, but you're right about that one...I'll be stopping in there soon. Let me know how your new books are. I'm particularly interested in the graphics, i.e. examples of plant representations and coloring...I'm not artistically inclined. Thanks again, hope you get a lot out of your books.
  4. MarkintheGarden

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    Residential landscape architecture
    By; Norman K. Booth & James E. Hiss

    This was a textbook I studied in landscape design, and I use it frequently for review.

    Fahzu, I hope one day to spend most of my time doing design. I have studied and learned from trial and error. I think that it is feasible if you know plants and design principals.

    A big part of learning anything is imitation. When you see what you like duplicate it.

    Best luck!

  5. Dreams To Designs

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    One of the largest aspects of landscape design is a working knowledge and understanding of the materials used in the landscape. Especially plants! You can get the basics from books and you will also get the techniques of the author. the best way to learn design is from an established, competent designer. That can be from classes they may teach or working with that designer.

    I have a vast library of books that I use on a regular basis and an even larger wish list for books that will provide more information, but the majority of my design skills come from understanding the clients and the environment around them. The skills of listening, interpreting and implementing cannot be learned from a book, only from experience.

    Design is an art form, not including the actual drawing. The drawing can be accomplished with one of the digital pencil, landscape software programs. The art is working with a canvas that is ever changing and a palette of materials that will be changing as well. You must understand your client's needs and dreams and create an outdoor environment that will please their senses as well as create the functionality they desire all the while, being environmentally responsible and sustainable. Design is more about the appreciation of art, contrast and flow than it is about the utilitarian decorating of outdoor spaces.

    I do have an extensive list if you are interested.

  6. MarkintheGarden

    MarkintheGarden LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Kirk, you nailed this one! Well explained and all good advice. You are so right about understanding people and this can be downright impossible. Learning the plants, design concepts, materials, suppliers, etc. is a huge challenge, but being able to understand people and their desires and expectations can be the hardest part.

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