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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mexiking, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. mexiking

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    Hi, I have a customer who wants their front yard designed, I messed around with some plants in paper first than put them into my graphics software and this is what I came up with so far. Any more suggestions on what perennials to use? Or more seasonal color???

    Before pic and left and right side pics



  2. mexiking

    mexiking LawnSite Senior Member
    from NJ
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    also, the plants are these:
    On left side the tree will either be a Birch or paperbark maple
    under those are 2 golden Eunymous, Below the window are 3 Blue holly princess, In the fronst is a small hedge of azaleas and on left to right of it 2 birds nest spruce. On the corner would be a Hinoki Cypress, Than to far right (leftside pic) is a golden cypress with blue rug juniper to left and right of it.

    On right side pic from left:

    Same golden cypress with 2 junipers
    On middle big another Hinoky Cypress with another holly princess, golden cypress, ornamental grass and a boulder of some type. On small bed all way to right would be another Eunymous with 2 blue rug junipers and possibly another ornamental grass ...
    Thats it, what do you guys think im missing or your opinions?? Thanks a lot
  3. Coffeecraver

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    Hinoky Cypress grows to 60' tall at maturity
    The variety (nana) grows up to 12' at maturity
    This would indicate that the H.cypress is too close to the house

    The Birch or maple appears to be too close to the house
    It should be at least 20' away from the house.
  4. Coffeecraver

    Coffeecraver LawnSite Senior Member
    from VA.
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    The left side of the house seems to be in the sunshine
    Rudbeckia (Black eyed Susan)
    Monarda (Jacob Kline)
    Sedum (Autumn Joy)
    Liatris spicata (Kobold)
    Hemerocallis (Daylilly,Happy Returns,Stella D'Oro
    Coreopsis ( Moonbeam,or sunrise)
    Buddleia ( Black Knight,or Nanho Blue)
  5. Flyscaper

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    Hey Mexiking, what software program are you using?
  6. mexiking

    mexiking LawnSite Senior Member
    from NJ
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    yeah the tree would be like 10' away from house, I put it to close in the software. The software I use is Pro Landscape by Drafix.
  7. mexiking

    mexiking LawnSite Senior Member
    from NJ
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    but still, does everything look appealing? balanced? besides the good points on the mature sizes.
  8. NNJLandman

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    By the garage i would try something maybe like a weeping blue spruce or a weeping norway. Weeping blue spruce would look awesome to the right of the sidewalk there. Good luck with the install

  9. DLS1

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    I am not much into landscaping but here are my thoughts.

    Trees near the house is not good.

    A few flowering perennials that would look nice mixed in with the other bushes are day lilies, spirea, purple coneflower. You could add mums somewhere in the beds.

    In the spring add pansies as a border.
  10. landscapingpoolguy

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    Just because the plants are in the program does not mean they are the only plants you can use in the design. Take a professional approach to the job and do a walk through with the customer at a nersury........ This is a poor time of the year to be picking out perennials also. Instead plant them in teh spring and rather install mums or kale in there place till the end of the winter for youyr color. Make a desiscion on foundation plants, be creative tho, try some spriea or viburnum, the hinoki is fine it wont grow 60' your lucky if it will grow 8 feet. Think about spreading yews also. i usta hate them but if you do you homework on them they make gret foundation plants(as long as you get the right ones) Trees close to the house are ok as long as you pick smaller speices of plants, wheeping cherrys, crabble apple, arisoctrat pears are ok they stay pretty narrow, wheeping birch, but dont forget about pine trees, blue spruces douglas fir, white pine and so on. Definatly do a wlak through with the customer and be creative.....the program is not the bottom line for design and it will not sell every job.....also dont forget about other mediums other then just plants and mulch.....add a touch of class with some river rock or some stepping stones.


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