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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by nater1979, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Does anyone have a site or sites they could recommend to find lists of trees shrubs and perrennials for specific sites and conditions in zone 5. An example of what I'm looking for are low growing shrubs for sandy soil, clay soil, sun, shade, etc.. I've searched and found a few sources of info but would like to know if anyone has any resources they could share.
  2. PlantSolutions

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    If there were sites that provided all of that information, there would be no use for Horticopia and other CDs for purchase. The best sources online are the co-op extension offices in your area. One source that I use in my area is Rutgers. The extension offices may have articles to view pertaining to all or some of those soil conditions including deer resistence etc.. Also, wholesale nursery catalogs may be helpful.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
  3. Paradise Landscapes

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    Why don't you beat around the bush? :hammerhead: Call well known wholesale like Lake county nursery. You'll get the catalog and get plant discriptions. features a "click me" that takes you to a very big plant encyclopedia.

    Lake county nursery - 1-800 699 3114 (toll free)
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