Landscape Design Software~a few interesting angles on my query :)


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Good Morning all,

I am currently searching for a landscape design/lay-out software to use to help close sales & "show" to clients what the landscape thoughts i have would indeed look like.
Well, of course....=is what you say=for needing this type of software.
I've heard & read here about realtime landscape pro and saw their site=nice & affordable.
but, here is a little about me....{please extend me some latitude}:)

1. I've owned a lawn & landscape outfit for 15 years, have a brother owning one also for 19 years....we both provide lawn maintenance mowing programs and landscape installations=have rarely used a full landscape design printed out to close deals=maybe 3-4 times in that amount of time.
2. We have a great command of plant material, have guys running the install crews with same, can lay-out the design pretty much=but do not provide the drawing so to speak
3. My brother & I are also partner owners of a high-end luxury architectural house plan design by our father, an AIA architect of some national renown.
I say that because we have a house & commercial building designer team that are CAD wizards....designing homes of all sizes in amazing styles and ways almost exclusively on CAD.
My brother & I have some proficiency in CAD, but not much...we're here to run businesses and deliver style angles on designs=not the technical draftsman CAD abilities of our designers per se
***We are all too familiar & understand the complexities and intricacies of CAD design and what dynascape and landscape architects=LIKELY use :waving:
Which leads me to.....the question we get/have gotten

#4. Why we don't have a sophisticated landCAd software and have our CAD designers lay it out & tell them the plant info., etc.?
we get that a lot...:laugh:

=What I'm looking for is a good software that is very easy to use, plug in plants, print out, shows images and or just the old-school (circle, square, circle with dot in it, diamond, whatever) symbols for plants with a line to the side as we label them landscape design form {In COLOR}
AND....the neater newer technology that realtimelandscaping pro 2012 affords.
Is something like that out there?

something we can go to a home & see their landscape design needs, offer some ideas, go to office make a small simple presentation of a landscape lay-out design, print it out (OR EVEN EMAIL IT TO CLIENT), make it in color, and keep it simple if need be with organized but easy to read and see symbols....with the capability of using all this advanced 3d looks, if required.
We wish to do this to make more money doing design which we enjoy, but are not looking to compete with large outfits after those gigantic 60K & up landscape designs & installs I don't think.

My eyes & ears are wide open folks....
Thanks in advance for any & all help!


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I'm running Realtime Landscape Pro, depending on what you are using it for it is good. I got it when we were just starting to do a little construction for existing clients. Our existing services were Irrigation and Landscape Lighting installs on new construction luxery homes, as well as a full fertilizing division. Because a segment of our existing customers were luxery homes we wanted something more professional than the design programs you can pickup at BestBuy or Staples, but we wern't doing enough design/ construction to justify dropping $500-$1000. i had tried a few different programs over the years, but always found them too restrictive for what I wanted to do. So, I always resorted back to drafting everything by hand and shading in all the colors. I've always enjoyed drafting and drawing landscapes so my hand drawn renderings were good, but time consuming. As I continue to grow my design/build we will upgrade to another program that alows further design elements, but this I found to be the best for where we are at.

What I like most about it over other simularly priced programs: The terain design tool, I have found this one the best for doing slopes and hills. Also the program supposts Belgard and Unilock pavers as well as Kitchler lighting, which are a few of the brands I use the most.