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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by williamslawn, Jan 24, 2003.

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    me 2. What is it?
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    All sales B.S. aside. Gopher Graphics is an easy-to-use paint program with a customized landscaper palette that lets users quickly add vegetation, patios, building structures, etc. to a landscape design drawing.

    It only creates top-down 2D images. It's intended to provide landscapers with an inexpensive tool for quickly creating a landscape design for customer proposals, web sites, installation reference and for double-checking a list-of-materials to complete the job.

    It is not intended to replace the high-end, 3D ,virtual reality landscape design programs. Just a nice little program that is a good value.
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    Check put Best Buy and Staples software areas. There are a number of programs under $ 75. Some are program suites that have a plant encyclopedia, plan drawing program, and a photo imaging program for around $ 50. These are not as nice as the $700 and up programs, but they will get the job done.

    Most landscapers only need a reasonable presentation to communicate their ideas to a client. These look better than a poorly drawn hand plan. They do not design for you. You still have to know what you want, how big, and where you want it. It is just a neater way to do it if you don't have good drawing hands.

    I don't have good drawing hands. I use CAD for many other reasons as well. The thing that most amazes me is that so many of my clients think that the computer somehow does some of the designing. Many think that my plans are at least partially generated. I have to know exactly how to hand draw everything, whether my hands will allow me to do this or not, for my plans to look good. I have to know how big to draw something, how much to space things apart, and such for things to be right when it is being built. It is just a drawing tool.
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    Well put AGLA, don't let them see you using a remote control compactor or they'll think your not needed for that as well:p The photo input part of programs is all pretty basic, its trying to find a decent 2d drawer without the learning curve of CAD.
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    I have tried to get by with cheap Best Buy, Office Max, Wal-Mart landscape design software. The last $75 program I bought I took it back within 24 hrs. I was just trying to prolong spending $1200-$2000 for software. A couple of weeks ago I finally broke down and bought what I should have bought from the beginning. I went with Design Ware Version 3 which came out earlier this month. I used it in college an already new how it worked. It is so easy and has several thousand plants to choose from, movies on how to use the program, lighting, etc. It is very professional and saves lots of time. I also ordered a new Dell laptop so I can make the presentations at customers homes which I feel will save on printouts and I can change the design in front of them if they wish to make minor changes. All of this has set me back about $4300. I figure it will eventually pay for itself. But it is more of a hobby to me and if it doesnt pay for its self oh well. Now what I need help with is how to advertise in a town of about 20,000 (with larger towns surrounding) and how much to charge for a custom design.

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