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    just wondering if anyone knows of any good landscape design software that doesnt cost $ looking in the ballpark of under $100. im just a beginner and i don't have the man power or the equipment to be doing huge jobs. i would just like something easy to use but still is a powerful tool when it comes to customizability (i dont know if that is a word or not lol) and would supply great imaging when i show it to potential clients.

    i found this doesnt look very good..does anyone have experience with it?

    its called "real time landscape pro" by idea spectrum

    or this one? "Better Homes and Gardens Landscaping and Deck Designer"
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    I use Master Landscape pro version 10 made by Punch and I got it on sale for only $39.99 originally $99.99. Its a awesome program and is easy to use. You can also show your customer a walk through view of what the job is going to look like. Has over 4,000 plants etc its well worth the money!
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    Compared to the professional versions, all the homeowner software will disappoint you. If you want your presentation to look professional and get you more and better work, perhaps seeking the assistance of a landscape designer would suit you better. Depending on the size of the job, you can get some reasonably priced work created and hopefully well designed from someone that specializes in design. Having any type of software will not help you design, only your skills, abilities and time will make the difference. If you lack any of these qualities when it comes to design, you would be better off enlisting the assistance of someone that is good at design as you are in your maintenance and planting. One of the big drawbacks to design, can be the time it takes to create a really nice layout and presentation, hopefully time you don't have, because your to busy doing installations.

    Expect the same results if comparing an MTD mower to one of the professional brands, as you compare inexpensive software to professional design and presentation software. You truly get what you pay for.

    I know of quite a few freelance designers and staff designers, that do design work on the side, in Northern NJ that would love to work with quality installers.

    I would hate for you to spend time and money, just to be frustrated. If your market requires high end work, it also requires high end design and most are not happy with the budget software presentation or results.

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    thanks..i have you on my buddy list now, so this way if i ever need a designer ill get in touch with you.

    im not going to be bidding or going up against anyone to compete for a job...right now all i want to use the program for is if someone wants me to do there flower bed or mulch bed..this way i can show them how it may look and if they want they can change things they dont like before it is all installed.

    i would draw it out for them but i cant draw lol

    thanks again,
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    I have and use Realtime Landscaping Pro and for the money under a $100 you can't beat it! Its easy to use and has good graphics, you can import digital photos, and it has a 3D walk through that has gotten great responses from my customers. There's nothing like desiging their landscape and then taking them through a virtual walkthrough of the design. I have tried other programs out there but nothing comes close to what you can do with this one for the money. When your done landscaping if you have entered the prices for everything ahead of time like plants, rock, weedmat, and so on it will print you a custom invoice from the design so you dont have to do a seperate estimate. If your doing retaining walls or terracing a yard its a snap with this program and you don't have to know CAD. It does take some time to get used to but its easier than most software use and you will get better results.
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    ok then...has anyone tried both of these and can say which one is better than the other?

    Master Landscape Professional & Home Design V 10.0 by Punch!


    Realtime Landscaping Pro by Idea Spectrum

    i think im leaning more toward the Realtime Landscaping Pro software..idk though

    i dont want to be looking at plants that grow in zones 1 when im in zone 6 or 7
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