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Hello, I am launching a startup computer assisted land and aquascape design company. My question is related to people with software design experience. I am considering purchasing Landscape Pro, a $1300 investment for version 10. I currently have Total 3D landscape software. This was a $70 purchase. I do believe you get what you pay for but, is the $1300 software that much better than the 1000% higher cost software packages? Landscape Pro's software websight is very limited in its online demo. It seems to have the best graphics as well as an excellent cost planner feature. This is a huge investment and would appreciate only experienced responses. I plan on specializing in watergarden design install and maint. as well as some limited lawn care maint for the more retentive clients. I live in a very affluent area and would also appreciate any experienced advice from designers in this category on what to expect for an income and hourly rate etc. TGI SPRING!

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