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    This is the work of one that condemns our work southern...... Need I say more? Look at all his post for the rest of the Pictures. hahahahaha


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    i looked through three pages of his post and did not see any pics. I guess there is nothing worth looking at. oh well.
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    I may have misunderstood what the original poster was looking for. It wasn't my intent to suggest a design for the site, but to demonstrate the use of graphic software that might be used to render a plan of his own making. Without the dimensions of the house and existing hardscape, along with soils, climate data, and orientation of the house, it would be pointless for me to try and complete a design.

    As to software use to render a graphic that would sell the job, the complete landscape packages that include 3d features will always be faster to get a finished photo, but not by much.

    In the example I posted, note that I thought that another walk was staked out for construction merging with the existing walk. So I used the look of the existing walk to create what will be built. Those stakes were also taken out of the photo. These are the kinds of things that landscape software has a problem doing.

    I thought all of the examples were good at displaying a finished landscape for the customer to review. In my opinion, a photo editor in skilled hands can be slightly better at producing a more realistic product.
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    :) I agree 100% pls, I use Pro Landscape 13 to do projects with but I also use Photo shop cs to edit the original photo. I do a lot of photography as a hobby and you just can not beat a good photo editing program. I have to hand it to Pro Landscape though, version 13 is really realistic to me, It has sold many jobs for us. I thought the original poster wanted some ideas, just trying to help a fellow landscaper out.
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    One thing that you really need to watch out for is that it is very easy to fool yourself using these programs. You can easilly make things look like they fit when they don't.

    Clearly the bed between the house and walk is about 3'wide when you look at the "before" pictures. But when you look at the mock ups it looks quite larger. One shows a 5' holly or arb that really looks like it works. Another shows two layers of plants with room to spare (in a 3' bed?).

    I'm not saying that these are bad programs. I am saying that you need to do scaled plans first and then do mock ups based on what fits in your plan or you will run into problems.
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    Actually AGLA my plan is showing a 3' Hoogendorn holly in the back drop with a soft touch offset it would work easily. The soft touch would be set more forward than the Hoogendorn. both can be trimmed and maintained as smaller shrubs. I have a client that has 4' between the walk and house and thats whats been there for 5 yrs now. when I do a mock up I try to make sure that I allow for that. Thats just plant knowledge. But that is a good observation.
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    That was like two years ago! I recommended against that, but the homeowner was dead set on having that installed. I looked at it the other day, and it's still ugly.
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    Don't even get me started.

    Here's a rundown for you. Yah we can compare tax records, I've netted $0 over the past 5 years. Reason being? I paid cash for my education at Texas A&M. Paid for the f250 on my own, also paid cash for a f150 as well which I got at a steal and replaced the busted engine.

    Also built 2 homes my senior year in college, secured 7 rental properties in College Station, TX. All of which I take benefits on depreciation, taxes, insurance, and interest. Talk about easy income. In 20 years I will have have over 2.5mil in property that was 100% paid for by renters. How long would you have to save in a high-yield money market to reach that?

    Also in the process of buying an acre to build my new home on and a shop for my business.

    If you're dumb enough to pay taxes, so be it. But I'm the one paying myself and not the government. I am doing just fine on my own:) Thank you very much.

    Also, on SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES's design, can you tell me how you are going to maintain the 2" run of grass between that left bed and the front sidewalk? That's a maintenance liability and not a thought through design. Also, the left side is alot busier and heavier than the right, and it's a 1/3 of the size. Doesn't showcase the home.

    Just my thoughts, chew on them if you wish. We all have our own design theory, and that's what seperates our businesses. But you all are up north, and I'm down south. Huge difference already in that right there.
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    I have about 5 projects coming up, already have pictures taken, can I send them to you and youll do them up for free? With appropriate plants for MY climate? Hooking everyone up for free doesnt pay the bills!

    Unless you are from the same town and know the style and climate real well, you shouldn't be doing designs over the internet.

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