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Landscape Designer

lawn jockey

LawnSite Member
Grand Rapids MI
Hello, I was just handed a print for 2 parade of homes today and 40 other homes during this summer! My question is I have an older gentleman who is retiring from landscaping who does an awesome job,but I really would like to have an architech or designer do them. Does anyone know anyone in Michigan near Grand rapids who designs or what are your thoughts?

Artistic Blooms

LawnSite Member
Fenton, MI
I realize I am a couple hours away but I do designs and would be interested in talking with you about this project.


LawnSite Member
Howell, MI
lawn jockey,

I would also be interested in what you have lined up, although I generally specialize in softscaping (plants, sculpture, other decoration, etc). I am in Howell, but I'm driving through the GR area on a regular basis since my parents are in Ludington. I still have young siblings (brother, 14, sister, 11) so I try to go up north twice a month to see them. If you need help with planting designs, let me know.