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    Does any one use a general percentage for marking up materials sold to a customer?

    In my case I have roughly 180 ft of curved and winding flower bed to put a boarder on. It is well kept with a definite edge. I recommended the metal landscape edging from lowes which is what I used on my last house and loved the way it looked and held up. Depending on which color this client chooses, it could either be $9 or $13 per 8 ft section.
    These sections take any where from 2-10 min depending on the soil and the shape of the given area. For this job I'm estimating 2 men for 3 hours. Either $220 or $320 in materials, depending on color.
    Any suggestions for pricing per foot?
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    at only 180 feet...I would just give it to the prospective client as a total "job" price saying $xx for black and up to $yy depending on the material color choice.

    if you say $XX/a foot by the time you say that then the client is moving their mouth already in asking "well how much does that work out to?" Only exception is if its a RFP for a commercial property where the client is smart and asking you the "vendor" to put it in their price unit so that they can compare apples to apples. usually a sign of a lowest bidder wins situation.

    ok so you need 14x boxes of this edging stuff....did you try sourcing it direct instead of paying retail for it?

    I would charge the same amount regardless of color options....cover my cost for the most expensive. So under promise and over deliver:)

    so if I do math there you have $360 in labor and $200 in material (182 edging & some lawn spikes) so your like $5.19 a foot price,,, or $560 -n-done (+ margin)
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    Clean cut LLC

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    In this case it is just a residential client. I would love to find a manufacture to eliminate the middle man. We have only done a couple of these jobs over the past year or so, so I'm not sure if we would be a big enough customer to go to a direct purchase. I like the under promise and over deliver.
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    Your local wholesale nurseries should have a commercial grade 4" or 6" edging in 10' or 20' pieces. It comes with better stakes and should work out to be cheaper per foot than anything you can get a Lowes/ HD.

    One factor to consider is turf type. Being in a warm season market. Anytime someone has Bermuda or Zoysia I recommend the 6" edging due to the fact that those grasses spread by rhizomes as well as stolons. The rhizomes tend to work there way under and into the beds with 4" edging. The 6" allows you the ability to set the edging a few inches deeper to prevents this.
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