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Landscape Estimating

John Deere

LawnSite Member
Hi guys, hope you can help. For our first 5 years of business we have been primarily a &quot;Lawn Maintenance&quot; company i.e. mowing, fertilizing, aerating, power raking, edging etc. A year ago or so I split my company into 2 lawn maintenance crews and 1 landscaping crew. This year has been overwhelming! We have more landscape jobs than I ever thought possible and it's only April. <p> <br> Now my ?. I have never asked this so I need your help. What is all of your standard prices for landscape work. Is it hourly, by the job or by the sq. ft'. I would really also like to know how to you price out your man hours. For example, before when I did the lscaping myself I charged $40 per hr. I might bring one of my employees with me to help as well, but I kept my price at $40 per hr. Now I have to put at least 3 guys per crew for lscaping. I guess what I need is a lesson in estimating from you experts! I really mean this, I would really appreciate your help on this! I'm getting to busy to not have a better grip on my quotes.

John Deere

LawnSite Member
No one can help me with this? I've been on this site a long time now and have helped many people or at least tried. I know from your post's alot of you are pro's so I really could use your help!

steven Bousquet

LawnSite Member
price by the day, full day , half day.bobcat half day full day. plants get mark to retail then add to day charge,plus pick up,delivery. this is a basic way. you can set up sq. ft pricing once you know your production rates. but many landscape jobs are to different just to use sq.ft pricing.


LawnSite Member
Ontario, Canada
Pricing is a very individual thing. My production times will have very little to do with yours due to different equipment and labour costs. While my labourf time may match yours my overhead is probably different. Listening to soemone elses price can get you in trouble big time.<br>I try to get an idea of what my competition is charging, either through talking to them or by feedback from jobs I've quoted. If I loose out o0n a job I try to find out why. Sometimes it's a personality conflict but if my price is too high or low I try to find out why. Is my productivity too low? Do I need a specific piece of equipment to be competitive? Does my competition know their costs? I want to charge the absolute maximum I can while making a profit and getting the job. It breaks my heart to hear the customer say &quot; I thought it would cost more than this&quot;. <br>Get a book on how to figure your costs, join an association, get to know other contractors, give yourself a healthy profit and go. The worst that can happen is you only get the really profitable jobs. If you close too many deals you aern't charging enough!