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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by rjjmurph, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. rjjmurph

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    quick question. I am putting in playground mulch around a swingset area for a customer - it is currently all grass. Aside from the edges, where I plan to remove sod, should I remove all sod in the entire area (780 sqft) or kill the grass and apply landscape cloth?

    My thoughts are to remove all the sod and forget the cloth as I think eventually the mulch thins out and the cloth shows through. Ideas on how to charge form 780 sqft of sod removal? How long should it take with rented equipment? By hand? thanks.
  2. Lnd Svyr

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    I'd forget the landscape cloth. It does show through and is a nightmare to later remove. I know 'cause I just finished removing some from a couple of beds I will be building up with wall stones.

    I'd be concerned about killing the grass with chems where children will be playing.
  3. klink34

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    The fabric my show up if you don't stake it right. If you stake it down well enough then when it shows (due to the mulch washing away) then it is time to throw a new layer down or add a little more. even though the sod is removed there is always ways for it to come right back up along with weeds. grass and weeds coming up threw mulch is much more than a sight for sore eyes than the fabric showing.
  4. rsls

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    dont use the cloth and only spot spray trouble areas if needed and hand pick straggling weeds as the pop up. should not have many if the area is used frequently. Worked for me so far.
  5. Gators_Aerator

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    If you are not sure. Use heavey layers of newspaper 10 or more sheets. Water down well and then apply a think covering of mulch. The newpaper will decompose over time and will allow you to kill the grass without chemicals. You customer will like the fact that you thought about the children and you are building up the soil with the newspaper.
  6. BSDeality

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    playground mulch should be 4" at least. weeds and grass will not poke through 4" of mulch. only strip the sod back 12" around the perimeter where it will thin out
  7. Equipguy

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    Why not spray it with Roundup and burn it down with a line trimmer and lay the new sod on top?
  8. rjjmurph

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    thanks all - great comments/advice. I particularly like the newspaper idea - with a child of my own, this looks like a good approach; along wiht a thick layer of mulch. -
  9. Todd's lawncare

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    Who said any thing about new sod ??????????

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