Landscape ideas for this yard. What would you do?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by PabsMaster, Apr 28, 2013.

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    This will be my first "landscaping" job. I stop by to talk to them and they want mulch first off so no rocks. I was thinking red or black mulch, some drought tolerant plants... with some potted plants (just bc there easier in texas) Rocks to line it... It will be done around those two big oak tress. Also i think she wants to expand that bed by the house to the front porch has well.

    Ideas, suggestions. THX!!

    Here is the google maps street view of it. This is like 5 years ild, the grass is a lot greener. I forgot to take a pic.

    1308 Larkhall Drive Spicewood, TX 78669
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    12" boulders around the trees arent a bad idea. Id never put edging, block or bullets.....roots with almost always heave them and look terrible, rocks can atleast move with the ground and still look decent.

    Stay away from red mulch, looks extremly tacky and unnatural IMO. Black seems to starting to get popular but I would still prefer a brown dyed or cypress over it.

    I would REALLy worry about the front entrance before under the trees. Youll have much better luck growing plants there and will enhance the appearance MUCH more then just around the trees. Id keep it simple, 4' rings around the trees with mulch inside and spend most of the budget on the entrance, where people will be walking by day in and day out.
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    Stay away from black mulch unless you want to cook roots. Natural colors work best. I like the idea of using landscaping to cutback on the amount of grass to cut. The right side of the drive out to almost the property line would almost all be raised beds, using boulders/large rocks, with some kind of water feature tied in. That might be over your head though to get into waterscapes.

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