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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by start2finish, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. start2finish

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    take a look at these pics, the area seeded is 35000 sq ft
    I would love some input on pricing in different areas. We installed 10 3gallon compacta hollies. This job is in Zone 7 with Kentucky 31 at 8/lb per 1000 sqft
    a four man crew with equipment in pictures along with a agri-fab straw blower completed in 5.5 hours. This also included site grading and backfill of home to comply with NC building code 6inches of fall in 10 feet.

    I will post pictures later I keep getting a server busy error.
  2. start2finish

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    Okay I got the pictures resized and uploaded.

    small bobcat and tractor.jpg

    small tractor.jpg

    small done 2.jpg

    small done.jpg
  3. fcl01

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    love those jobs. nice and easy done in a day.

    by the looks from the pics, you also brought in mulch and topsoil for beds.
    dont know how much of either but id say 10 yds. top and 3yds mulch for the beds in front. that plus the hollies and the lawn, id probably be in the $5500 to $6000 range. :waving:
  4. start2finish

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    We didn't bring any soil from off site. When I need dirt for beds and fill on these type of jobs we grade it on site and move to needed location. ie. needed to cut a swell around rear of house for proper drainage. We used the dirt from that process to backfill and build beds.

    $2500.00 complete

    5.5 hrs with the equipment
    approx 1600.00 profit after all wages and materials, maintainance, overhead and other percantage costs figured.
  5. fcl01

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    from OHIO
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    $2500 total???????
    id love to hear your material costs.
  6. start2finish

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    60 bales straw @ 2.00/bale 120.00
    6 bags ky-31 @40/bag = $240.00
    4 bags 18-24-12 @ 9.25 = 37.00
    10 compactas @7.25= 72.50
    10 pine needles @ 3.75 = 37.50

    materials total $507.00
    labor 2 men $19.00/hr + WC and taxes = $26/hr
    5.5 hrs * 26 = $143.00

    fuel 75.00
    718.00 expenses

    that leaves 182.00 to cover my salary and other incidentals with

    64% margin to cover company profit and overhead
    I stated my figure covered overhead, but after closer consideration my estimates were a little slim, but we can make a living with this margin. And to be honest we are happy to get that margin. The market here is tight. We don't do much work for homeowners lately most of it is for contractors and modular home dealers. This particular job was a modular construction for a customer of ours that will usually have us do 7or 8 of these a year. If we try and raise prices there is 5 other guys ready to take it. most of the competition is not as dependable as we are. We strive to provide a 7 day turnaround from a phone call stating the house is ready. but for some strange reason it is all about the bottom line, how much does it cost.

    I would definately love to find a way to do homeowner work without the bid process, we bid alot of jobs when we had a phonebook ad, but 1 out of 10 closed. This job would have been $3000.00 - $3500.00 depending on the attitude of the customer, meaning how picky that I thought they would be. You know the drill.(homeowner pricing) and with that in mind we closed 1 out of 10 with that price scale.
  7. landproscapes

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    Hollies Installed $200.00
    Pine Straw $150.00
    Straw blower rental $95.00
    Wheat straw (sixty bales) $900.00
    Tall Fescue (300 lbs) $600.00
    Fertilizer (200 lbs) $100.00
    Site Grading with harley rake for turf areas Handrake beds $950.00

  8. start2finish

    start2finish LawnSite Senior Member
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  9. Lawnworks

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    Wow, looks like you really have the equipment to get things done. Why not just get a harley rake for the bobcat? Sounds like a great profit margin to me.
  10. landproscapes

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    this icludes all swales cut, backfilling etc. does not include breaking anything up before harley raking never heard of such a thing, but that doesnt mean anything. I paid 7K for harley rake to be a one step machine. We do have an eliminator attachment but only use it for the comb not those worthless things that are supposed to go in the ground

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