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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by seven-up, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. seven-up

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    I got a letter today, rather a large packet, saying that Louisiana is now going to have a Landscape Irrigation Contractor license. 2005 will be a "transition" year to let everyone get their license etc. and that 2006 will begin enforcement. Yet another license that is needed to operate a business. I was wondering if other states have this type of license? And if so, how long in effect? regulations? any thing you could offer. This is the first I have ever heard of this.
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    FL,CA, NJ, TX, IL adnmore all have lic req and some for many years. Used as consumer protection as well as a measure to help protect and use wisely a great natural resource.
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    licensing helps eliminate the 'bunch' that give the industry a bad name...here today gone tomorrow. it also helps level the playing field. licensed companies carry the same overhead, know production rates...

    also you will have to learn the basics of irrigation. the basic education for the nj exam is the cic course...which is excellent, imho.

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    Oregon has three different licenses and they all have tests that go along with becoming licensed in addition to having to prove your expierience in the industry(2yrs working for a licensed landscaper, 2 yr degree in horticulture or 4 yrs in the maintenance business)

    Irigation and Backflow License which requires taking 3 tests for a total of 200 questions, 50 laws and rules, 50 LIBDI, and 100 Irrigation. Plus $60 application fee and $35 testing fee. You have to pass all three tests to get your license. If you fail one you have to pay to retest until you have passed all three.

    Standard License which is only landscaping (does not include backflow or irrigation) You have to take 5 test sections as follows Plants-Turf , General Construction, Grading and Drainage, General Safety-Soil Science-Estimating-Chemicals, and last but not least the laws and rules. Total questions=275
    You also have the $60 application fee and the $35 test fee and you must pass all the tests !

    The final License type is the All Phase License which includes all the tests listed above and allows you to do all types of landscaping in Oregon. This will cost you a $60 Exam Fee and $75 test fee.

    After you complete a series of tests and get your license then you have to get a Oregon Landscape Business License Which will cost you $225 for the application, $50 per year to register your business name with the state and lets not forget your bond of $3000 or $10000 depending on what type of work you want to do!

    So I would say that Oregon has to be one of the toughest states to do landscaping in! Then if you want to do your own spraying you can deal with the Oregon Department of Agriculture and pay them a bunch of money and take a bunch more tests!
  5. seven-up

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    In this great state of Louisiana.... Landscaping License, Commercial Pest. App. License, and Horticulture License are what I currently have. This last one is so i can trim bushes, that was the only reason i got it. Hort. trim anything under 2 in. in diameter up to 10 ft above the ground. Anything bigger/over that you must have Arborist lic. Now there is yet another license to lay pipe. Ever get frustrated with all the licenses and red tape you have to go through? I do....


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