Landscape Job estimate- my price, what's yours?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by gml9, Feb 22, 2005.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm doing a lawn and landscape job for my neighbor. Here's what's involved:
    Redoing lawn: thatching/dethatching, aeration, seeding/starter fert., approx. 1100sq ft., also trenching new beds, using 1 ton of 3-6"rock around foundation of house(no gutters) and building beds out from rock in certain places for planting areas. Planting hosta's, bulbs, liriope, and seasonal colors.
    4yds of shredded hardwood, 1 ton of topsoil(for low spots in lawn), landscape fabric for underneath rock beds. I'll rent trencher, aerator, and thatcher. I know this is hard to determine but give it a go. My price is 1900.00 for everything. The design is mine also. The beds are only in the front and side yard.
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    what the heck...I need a break from the office...

    325 for thatching, aerating, & mowing. 75 for seeding & starter fertilizer application. 150 for trenching. 450 for stone, mulch, & topsoil distribution. 150 for annual & perennial planting. Add 1.5 times your cost of materials. Say materials are 350 bucks your cost...I would say I would be looking at 1150 labor plus 525 material cost. Total bill I gestimate would be ~1700.
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    Forgot to add in cost of removal of any debris from site...from trenching and thatch. Say 100. Brings my cost to about 1800.
  4. gml9

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    The rocks here are 75/ton + labor. There should be much debris removale, except for the dethatch. But I always account for it b/c it is always something more then expected.

    Thanks for your input.
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    I like the way you asked the question........NOW thats a reasonable "price" post.......

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