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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by image1, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. image1

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    Lets say u did a job in 7 hrs with 4 men all your plant material planted raked down and strawed u had $2500 dollars inthe job thats all plant materil 4men fuel to get everrything together all i did was watch and make sure everything was done right what should the profit be onthis job the 2500 covered ins,men,gasand plant material so how much shold i profit on this job.
  2. DBL

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    dont have too many details but try to get $35- $40 an hour for just labor atleast $45 -$50 an hour if theyre using power equipment. plant material retail plus 55% to plant and mark the straw up about $10 to $15 and then youre fuel and any other exspences
  3. Tim Wright

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    Thats per man.

  4. Pro-Scapes

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    as much as you need to in order to stay in business and make your desired profit.

    If you dont understand overhead..(this includes labor fuel overhead taxes insurance equipment ect) then you should probably be working for someone else.
  5. image1

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    no power tools all hand digging and raking to plant material 4 15gal and 6 7gal 30 3gal and thats it stake the big trees.
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    it took 4 guys 7 hours to plant that ? wow. I think my wife can do that solo in 7 hours.
  7. BCF

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    So you did the job and are not sure how much money you have left? I aim for between $1 and $1,000,000 a day. :)
  8. image1

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    I said that was cost on that part of the job was wondering if i double that the plants were 1800 the rest was labor ,we put in one zone of irrigation about 2 of those hrs and staked 7 12 ft trees and prepped all the beds for plants and moved some existing plants that he didnot like where they were that money had no profit added to it yet just wonderig what u guys charge.
  9. PatriotLandscape

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    15-35% profit margins depends on what you are calling profit.

    managers still need to be paid a salary.
  10. Drew Gemma

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    you can;t ask about profit you mean mark up on mark up at 30% we each have a different profit margin.

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