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  1. STLlawnboy

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    Has anyone tried landscape, I got my lawn and landscape mag. last week and noticed the insert about it so i checked it out on the web. It looks pretty neat, and you get to look at the leads before you buy them. Just wondering if anyone has had any success using it or any similar websites like this for landscape, and maintenance leads.
  2. tthomass

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    Messages: 3,498 has brought me some big jobs and small.........its a popular site in my area
  3. cooksjr537

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    I tried it once. Its not really that great. You pay however much you want, then they send you leads with the zip codes. You don't get to look at what kinda of work they are requesting until you pick on the zip codes. Some of the work may be good and some is just crap. I had a few that just wanted quotes and never did call me back if they wanted it or not. Some just wanted advice on what to do. I felt like it was a big money waste. I mainly don't like it because i wish it told you want they wanted before it comes out of your account.
  4. Oxmow

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    I logged onto it and registered. Stopped short of paying the 60 bucks to get started. They had one of their representatives call me and ask the whole range of ?'s. Where did you hear of us...and so on. i asked how many leads they had gotten in my target zip and they said 20 or so. At 6$ a lead im not sure it is worth it for price shoppers.
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    When it comes to paying for customers, they'll see my money after the customer's check clears my bank.

    If that is not to their liking, then we can not do business.

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