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  1. Clean cut LLC

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    I am trying to expand my business to offer more than just the basic lawn and property maintenance. The lighting that I have looked into is the low voltage plug and play kits that you find at lowes or home depot to avoid having to get the electrical or contractor license for the higher end products (which are ridiculously expensive).

    With every system, a transformer is needed ($50-$200)
    how every much wire (roughly $0.50 per ft)
    lights range from $20-50 per light

    The wire can be put in with an edger, shovel etc. so it doesn't have to be deep and can be left exposed or covered by mulch or rock in the flower beds.
    Any suggestions on how I should price this? Mark up materials by certain percentage, charge for wire by the foot?
  2. zlandman

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    Been looking at lightning for my house recently. I'd keep pricing straightforward for your own sanity. Transformers small $50, medium $100etc. Lights basic $60 EA. Mid$85 ea. Etc. Include connections in this price and only use the good water tight ones. Wire lump it into 50 or 100 ft increments and mark it up. Figure hours labor including getting material and estimating.

    The important part the only price you give the customer is the whole shebang. One price, no peicemiel. I would tend to charge a higher rate for this type work than mowing.

    There were lots of lighting suppliers at GIE and some real nice fixtures, yes getting into a couple hundred $$ a peice.
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  3. kemco

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    I was kinda curious about offering this a while back but my state requires a completely separate license for low voltage application installation. Too much hassle and $ at the time.
  4. knox gsl

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    Install one of those box stores systems and let me know how much of a pita it is after you get done. The standard depth of cable burial is 6". The "good stuff" cost more for a reason, same with the installers.
  5. Clean cut LLC

    Clean cut LLC LawnSite Member
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    Keep it simple, I like the idea. I would absolutely charge more for this than mowing.
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  6. Clean cut LLC

    Clean cut LLC LawnSite Member
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    It took a lot of phone calls to get the answer I was looking for. I contacted the agenecy that sets the code for building in the county that we are in and this type of lighting/wiring doesn't require a license for this because I am not "wiring" anything, it is all plug and play so you might want to do some more digging.
  7. Clean cut LLC

    Clean cut LLC LawnSite Member
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    lighting my house b&a.jpg
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  8. Clean cut LLC

    Clean cut LLC LawnSite Member
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    It really isn't a pain. I did the job above in about 3 hours give or take. I have helped friends and family in the past put the same thing in at their house years ago and still works great. I do like what you said about getting the good stuff. I'd like to find something more high end. I just want to stay away from the direct burial UF wire and all the wire connectors. In Florida, that requires either a contractor or electrical license and code is buried at 18 in or greater
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  9. Delmarva Keith

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    I think there’s a market for low end basic stuff. The good stuff at around $100 per fixture plus transformer, wire, proper design and installation is out of reach of many potential customers. I’m not saying what’s the better way or how long a system might last, just that there’s a market for low cost, basic lighting.

    I’ve seen too many eyes pop and glaze over when an estimate was presented. Most folks don’t seem to have any idea how expensive it can be for a good quality installation.
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  10. Clean cut LLC

    Clean cut LLC LawnSite Member
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    I agree. One of my guys broke a small light a couple months ago. $45 to replace. That was just the top. Including the stake it was close to $90 for 1 light and that’s just cost.

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