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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DMAN, Jan 17, 2002.

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    During this winter I am in the process of starting to assemble a Landscape Lighting business and was wondering if this would be a good idea to have by itself considering i mostly do lawn maintenance and this seeems like a good niche market to get into here in PA . I realize that this kind of service demands a high end residential market. If anyone that is in this business could give me some suggestions on how to get it going (e.g. Advertising,Marketing,Equipment,Pricing,etc.) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your replies.

    P.s This is my second post on LS. Great Site!!!
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    Funny that you mention Landscape lighting. I was at a party the other night talking to a landscape architect about some upcoming work and he asked me if we got into nightscaping\landscape lighting. We don't but he continued to tell me about this guy who came out to one of his sites that specializes in lighting. The guy showed up with some 12 volt backpack and placed temp lights all over the place and plugged them into his backpack to show the different effects that it had on his design. He said the guy was amazing and thats all he specialized in. So I say it's a great idea to fill a niche that your area may have. You are right in your assumption about targeting high end clients for this service. That's what our area is made up of so it works here, but am not sure of your area. Am not sure of his name, but if you want to contact him for advice in your area, I could get you the name.

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    We do landscape lighting as an add-on feature. We do not
    markey it independently. It has great profit margins. Most jobs
    can be done by one person. Some jobs can be a challenge to lay out IE: runnung under driveways, sidewalks installing transformers in the basement. But, it all comes with time and doing diffrent types of jobs.

    We also have the demo battery pack. It works okay. We now use a 10 light set which we set up as temporay. After they have seen it for 2 or 3 nights they can not live with out it!!

    If you do plan on getting into this segment, find a certified electrian that can do things on the side for you. Because, sometimes you'll need an outside box run from the fuse box or something else. Always under and hour of work. Try to find an electrian for one hour. They do not want to bother. If you have the electrian then you can cordinate your schedules. I am lucky. I have my wifes cousin who helps me out when I need it.

    BTW: lighting can lead to late night appointments. It helps to sell itself if it is dark out side. A friend of mine only does lighting. He works from 12 or 1 PM to about 10 PM every night during the summer.

    Good luck.


    Good Luck

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