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Landscape lighting in NJ


LawnSite Senior Member
Northern NJ
At an association meeting last week the president mentioned that a law has been passed requiring landscape lights to be installed by a licensed electrician. Anyone know about this?

I have tried to get an outlet installed on my deck for a hot tub but couldn't get anyone to come out. I can't imagine these guys wanting to dig around in the beds to run cable or climb ladders to put lights in trees.


LawnSite Bronze Member
North Jersey
Havnt heard anything about that Henry, but then again most of the time when I do any lighting in my landscapes I have a neighbor of mine who is an electrician do it, he added landscape lighting about a year or two ago.

Dreams To Designs

LawnSite Bronze Member
Haven't heard of a change in the law, as of yet. You have always and still need a licensed electrician to install a GFCI outlet to plug the low voltage transformer in, unless there already is an outlet available. I can't imagine electricians want to get involved, or the state wanting to restrict low voltage landscape lighting. House current, 110 volts or more, must be installed by an electrician, unless the homeowners chooses to do so and assume the liability. None of my suppliers are aware of any changes governing landscape lighting as of this time. Let's hope someone got their information confused.