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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by greenchoppers, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Just like the irrigation forum most of us do not have long sigs.
    None of us care about lawnmowers and leaf blowers.

    With that said just by his first post most of us can tell he doesnt have any idea about outdoor lighting. When malibu was researched he found out it was sold at big box stores. Any lighting guy knows that. We rip that stuff out of the ground on a daily basis. When it comes to brands of outdoor lighting alot of it is region based. Other times its what you can attain locally. Others its what works for you and your clients.

    We cant help in that case. Probably about 5 manufactors sponser this forum so im sure they will chime in about why their product can work for this guy. But imho he is doing a dis service to his "customer" by installing lighting. This is clearly his first rodeo and well I wouldnt want to have him install my lighting.

    Once he gets some hands on training. And reads and learns then fine. But that isnt going to happen overnight
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    I can agree with your logic .
    It just came across as if you didn't think a lawn guy could do anything else other then mow lawns.
    If one gets the proper education and gets the right training (Suppliers/manufactures) they should be able to do it all. lawns, hardscape, irrigation systems and Lighting.
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    They can do it all. Good chance they will never be great at everything. But decent at most. Kind of like hiring joe the handyman to do your crown molding vs. hiring a true trim guy.
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