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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by rlmlandscape, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Alright, here's my story. I have a client who I am doing a patio for and I want to incorporate landscape lighting into the seating wall that I am building and putting in two bullet lights, one to uplight a small japanese stewartia and another mounted to a post on their deck to light up the area where the customer will be putting his grill. Im going to go with a cast lighting products for the install. My questions are what size transformer would I need for five lighting elements. Also if I recall correctly from a class I went to on outdoor lighting I just need a gfi outlet to connect the transformer to. I hope I dont get bashed on this but its a small project that I would like to do to slowly get my feet wet on. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'll also put a cad plan up of what my ideas are for the lighting.
  2. rlmlandscape

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    Here is my idea for the lighting scheme.

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  3. rlmlandscape

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    Im now thinking I will need five wall light after looking at others photos on this site.
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    You'll want at least 2 uplights on the japanese stewartia, just 1 will give a very flat, 2D effect, and if it's going to be viewed from 360*, you will want at least 3, maybe 4 depending on height, etc. I'd suggest up/down sconces on the walls, not bullets. Cast doesn't make on though, if you're set on Cast only, the Niche light might work well there. Be careful about glare when lighting the grill area, the optimum for down lighting is to have the fixture at a minimum of 45*, depending on the height you're mounting it at, that might be very tough. I've seen some very glaring bullets installed for grills that seem like a good idea but the execution makes them very unpleasant to use. At a minimum, use the cast down light for that and put in a honeycomb filter to cut down on the glare as much as possible.

    Beyond that, I think we'd need to see photos of the site to make better suggestions.
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    Agree that pics will be helpful. As for the transformer, your Cast rep will help, but for what you describe, 300W will probably do. However, you and the Duckworths WILL want to add more lighting. I would allow for that and get a larger trans from the get-go.
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    looks like you are getting some good advice, were you able to get any pics? A good tool to put in your outdoor lighting bag would be joining the AOLP. Ask questions here or call the office. I recommend signing up for the CLVLT test to be held in Orlando FL next February. ALso attend the conference at that time. It's a great jumping off point to your lighting career. Get to meet others from your area, get to network, in person, with those that have decades of experience...Contractors, designers, distributors, manufacturers. Invaluable experience. Call office, ask hear, or pm with contact info and someone with the AOLP will contact you. wish you well
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    Sorry guys been busy lately. I will try to get some photos up later tonight trying to send them to my email over my phone. The site right now though is not built yet so I dont know how much pictures will help. Also the homeowner was supposed to get back to me over a week ago about signing the contract for the rest of the work and I havent heard back from him yet despite trying to contact him twice.
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    Be sure to ask hear :confused:
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    Alright here are some photos of the yard. The first is looking off their back porch where they have underease lighting out to the area that will be the fire pit. Second is fromt the lawn looking into the patio area. Third is from where the fire pit/ seating wall will be towards the house.




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