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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pogo, Jan 18, 2000.

  1. pogo

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    My company is seriously thinking about adding landscape lighting to our services. Do many of you offer this service? Seems we have a fair number of customers ask us about it. How do you bid a light job? Do you bid it per light....etc???How profitable is it? How long does an ave. job take. Any advice would be extremely helpful.<br>Thanks<br>Rob
  2. CGS

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    Pogo,<p>If you get any info. please let me know. I don't know either how much is the going rate.<p>Thanks.
  3. pogo

    pogo LawnSite Member
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    I have been looking but have found very little.
  4. Henry

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    Ask a local retailer what others are charging. A guy in my area told me the going rate is $80-$150 per fixture, depending on cost and difficulty of the installation. I would also take some kind of class on design. You will learn a lot about using the different effects to use and what lights needed to create them.
  5. pogo

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    I've ordered a promo pack to set up in potential customers yards. I have been told between 100 and 150. One lady told me her estimate was 600 per light. That sounds kind of high.
  6. CLM1

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    I have done three lighting jobs this past year only after attending a two day class put on by a local supplier. It can be rather easy or it can be very difficult as no two jobs are the same. Just like landscaping, each site has its own set of problems/obstructions. I was able to get $200.00/fixture installed on my last one. The other two were $150.00/fixture. Remember these prices include EVERYTHING. ie under driveways & walks.
  7. pogo

    pogo LawnSite Member
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    Anyone with anymore info?????<br>Thanks
  8. klite

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    My Serria land design pro gives you what it will cost you I think it produces an estimit for you too based on the industries mark ups and installition charges I think it yses Toro lighting<p>----------<br>Ken...Lightcap's Landscape Service<p>
  9. pogo

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    is that a web site, computer program or book?
  10. Eddie B

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    Bumping this up...
    A customer wants lighting installed. We're looking at 5 fixtures in a mulch bed along the sidewalk, as well as 2 flood light fixtures in the garden. Wiring will actually have to run under the sidewalk to the garage, and the "eye" will mount in the attic so that the lights come on at dark.

    1. What installation rate per fixture would you charge? Each fixture will be 5 feet apart. I'd figure in the price by time, but I don't know how long these take to install and get up and running.

    2. How do you go about running wire under the sidewalk? I was going to dig a hole at each end of the sidewalk, and use a drill and a 10 ft piece of flexible steel and drill it through the dirt. Then I'd tape the wire to the steel piece and pull it back under the sidewalk.

    I want to take on the job, it'll give me a chance to be creative, but I don't want to rip myself off. New mulch will go in the beds after the lighting is complete. thanks

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