Landscape lighting


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hello,<p>I had thought about it. The market for lighting is really beginning to take off in my area. A lot of irrigation contractors I know are also beginning to branch into this.<br>Profits can be incredible if done right. You can mark up you lights 100% and also get a good chunk of change for installation.<p>If you are serious, look into a company called &quot;nighttime decor&quot;. It is a run off of the &quot;christmas decor&quot; christmas lighting franchise. They have a intersting set up for you that I have looked into personally. Though you can definitely get set up yourself for light work, they have some unique ideas and services, like direct wholesale pricing on lights and supplies, complete guides for bidding and pricing, etc. Kind of along the lines of how aquascape works, but they want a good hunk of change for their services.<br>


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Jesup, GA
Stonehenge,<br> Thank you for replying. I am thinking about adding landscape lighting to my list of services. I am looking for info on how to get started, suppliers, and so forth. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


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Try Nightscaping products, their staff is very helpful with tech questions. They can send a rep to talk to you about sales as well. I didnt talk to him personally (im always in the field). I did my first lighting job this year added onto landscaping. Profit was tremendous. Have dabbled in it for 4 years just to get a feel for it.