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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by SamIV, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. SamIV

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    Do any of you offer landscape lighting? If so, what brands do you offer and why. I'm looking at Unique Lighting, FX Luminaire, Focus, and Nightscaping. Really like the Unique philosophy but the closest distributor is 4 states away. I did buy their landscape lighting book though.

    Did any of you attend any of the training seminars that these companies offer. If so were any close to the southern states and would you recommend any. Don't want to travel to California for this as this is where most of these companies offer this.

  2. Avery

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    We offer it, but have only had a few jobs so far. Done right it is kinda pricey. The finished product is worth it IMO. We have used several different brands of lights. Whatever the customer wants.
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  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi Sam,

    Here is a seminar in TX. This is a quote from their site.

    "During each one and one-half day session, we will discuss design and installation from both scientific and artistic perspectives. We will go in-depth on cable runs, voltage drop situations, and lamp recommendations. Trouble-shooting techniques, maintenance, and marketing concepts will also be discussed.
    A fee of $175.00 covers single-occupancy accommodations, meals, and ground transportation while in Texas. If flying into the Austin airport we will provide transportation to and from our training. If driving or flying into another airport, you are responsible for your own transportation to and from San Marcos."
  5. SamIV

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    First of all, thanks for the replies. I know this is not irrigation related, but all of my irrigation distributors do stock lighting.

    Avery, I met this fellow on my last trip to Florida who used to install irrigation but changed to lighting. He has a couple of large demo kits he sets up for perspective customers. Leaves them for a couple of nights and most just can't do without it after the demo. The trick he expressed was he never shows the customers the pretty lights. He sells on the appearance at night alone. His margins on lighting installs were much higher . Could be just the market there.

    Team Gopher, where do you get all your info. Better yet, where do you find the time. How many people do you have working with you. You must sell a ton of software. Very good info. Will probably attend the next seminar in Feb.

    Chuck, I will check out the Action Lighting site tonight.

    Thanks again,

  6. DanaMac

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    I used to offer lighting. But it is tough to sell after the landscape is established. If your installing a $40k landscape job itis easier to lump it in with everything else. I was wasting time setting up demos and taking them down without getting many sales. I have 2 Unique demo kits. But most of the products will be going into my place now.

    I did go thru the Unique NILLA certification. I learned a lot, but the cert did nothing for me. I do prefer their transformers and method of design - the hub system and the multi tap xformer. I also prefer the aspect of selling the effect, not the fixture.

    It also depends on area of the country. CA, FL, AZ, NV, places where it is warm most of the time have more lighting. In areas where it is cold at night, people don't spend as much time outside, and don't get to to take advantage of the lighting. Many also don't understand why it costs so much, when they see the cheap a$$ kits at Home Depot.
  7. kootoomootoo

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    Use Kichler .........Took out an add in the yellow pages marketing
    Landscape lighting only....rec'd 1 ph call in 1 yr!
  8. SamIV

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    Dana, what did these kits cost you and did the transformers have enough current to do a descent demo? The kits I've seen come with very low current transformers. A couple of distributors here offer these demo kits free for use, but the transformers only allow you to demo one light at a time. Useless.

    Found a low voltage lighting forum and the administrator disdains the Unique Lighting philosophy. He also places their low voltage lighting book in the same category as an infomercial. He has his own way of designing systems. Uses only 20 watt lamps, transformers with no higher than a 15 volt output, and uses 10/2 gauge wire exclusively with loop runs to control voltage drop. Not having enough experience in this field yet , I don' discount either philosophy.

  9. Mark B

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    Hey Sam I have been doing some lighting as well. I learned while my former employer sent me to irrigation school. I have learned mostly from OJT and the supply house that I buy from. Vista use to have a deal that if you buy more then a $1,000 worth of lights then you get a free demo kit. When I go out to meet a potenial victim :D I charge them $60.00 for the demo and if they have me do the install they get the $60.00 back. I had to start doing this cause they like to talk and I ended up spending a couple hours at there homes talking. I also went out and bought a small battery jumper and I only light one fixture at a time. Once they see the tree or what ever that you lite up they get the idea. I have one style of light fixtue that I bring with me. Like 1 uplight for trees and coins, 1 directional light, 1 spreadlight, 1 decklight, 1 flood light. Good luck. My 2 cents
  10. Raintree Lawn

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    Yes, and our preferance is Nightscaping. We have done some Hadco (only when forced by the architect or specifier) and have recently started some Kichler, as they have some "artsy/asthetic" type fixtures that Nightscaping doesn't.

    Lighting is a good fit for an irrigation company because you already have most of the skills and tools to do the installation and also have a good client base to sell too.

    Do take some design courses or seminars and definitly put in some for yourself to get some hands on design experiance. I've seen a lot of guys install landscape lighting that works, but looks like crap. The technical/mechanical skills involved are pretty basic and most companies have people that can do it. The real trick is getting a feel for the design and knowing what and how much to light.

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