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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mdmowerman, May 24, 2004.

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    got a call today from a lady looking for landscape lighting. i really want to get into this type of work. (lighting, patios, pavers)

    are there any web sites anyone knows of i could look at to learn about placement of lights.

    how should i price this job.

    there wil be only 3-7 lights total. i havent meet w. the lady, just the guy and they were gonna talk it over and im gonna catch up w. them later about how many they want. they run a painting and design company, so id like to think they have a decent idea about how it should look, as far as stuff being balanced and what not.

    so basically im looking for a crash course on landscape lighting.

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    Contact Vista or Kichler and see who supplies their stuff in your area. Chances are that the supplier has someone knowledgeable in that area and can design a system for you.

    Once you do a couple or three, you will have a good idea of what needs to happen and will be able to do most of the design work yourself.

    As for pricing, that's up to you. I would recommend a high quality fixture and transformer such as Vista or Kichler though, not some cheap Wal-Mart/Lowes/Home Depot/etc version.

    Vista's URL is I don't know what Kichler's is, sorry.


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    In CT you have to have a L5 License for low voltage work in order to hook up the transformer. I'm not talking about just plugging it in to a 120 line I'm talking about the secondary runs off the transformer. You need 4000 hours of apprentice work and take a test. Rediculous.
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    Need licencse in MD too.
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    Not that I don't believe you but where did you hear that? The local electricians must be lovin that!
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    Dang, Team Gopher is on the ball again as usuall with the helping hand.
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    I went to a Cast Lighting seminar man is thta easy fast money. Look into the Cast product line its great.
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    what license is required in maryland?

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