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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by IN2MOWN, Apr 22, 2008.

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    I do some maint. for my customers at their request. Usually its trimming bushes or mulching beds.

    I had a call from a lady who lives in a very nice gated community on a golf course. They have mowers but the work stops there. The mowers do nothing else.

    She would like me to come by every other week or so and check the beds for weeds, make sure the mulch is looking nice and the bushes are kept trimmed.

    How do I price this?

    Obviously I want to go hourly + cost of supplies that might be needed. I'm a solo guy BTW.

    What's a good hourly rate for strictly maint. and does anyone think that every other week might be too much?
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    Cool's Lawn Care

    We live in York, Pa. and our labor rate $38.00 per man hr, plus materials. We have already introduced a Fuel Surcharge this year, per $.30 increments over $3.00 per gallon is 3% on the total. For example, is fuel is $3.25 and the total is $1000 we added 3% which is only $30.00, but when gas goes to $3.61, then we can charge 9% which would be $90.00 Out of all of our 75 clients, we havent had a single person say anything about it. If you e-mail me at, Ill send you the exact letter the we submitted this spring. I don't know what area you live in, low class or high class, but Iwouldnt charge anything less then$32.00 per man hr. plus the fuel surcharge. If you need anything else or want to discuss anything else, e-mail me at with the subject lawnsite/lawncare. Ill be happy to help out any way I can,,
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    IMO every other week is not enough, go for every week.

    You have a LC that does all the mowing and all you have to do is weed some beds, and put down mulch, YOU are the winner here.

    You pull some weeds(no machine for that, no breakdown, depreciation) not much of a dump fee, you have hit the mother load, now go get some more clients in there.

    Charge 35/40 an hour.

    Tell ya what, anytime you get a customer that just wants bush trimming,weeding, mulch, let me know, Ill take care of it, and give you all MY mowing accounts.

    PM me when Ive been here 10 days, I wanna ask you something
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    whats your question and where are you from, if you haveinsatant messenger, IM me at
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    My question is for In2, and you can see that I am from Shawnee, KS, as is IN2
  6. IN2MOWN

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    It does seem like a pretty easy gig to me.

    With cleanups I usually try to get around $65-$85 an hour but I thought that would be WAY to much to charge.

    I've never told my customers what I charge per hour but this seems like an occasion to where I would have to tell them.
  7. TScapes

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    I don't have any of these type of customers anymore, but we used to have an entire crew for these "Low Frequency" Customers. That's what we called them. We had some 12x contracts, 18x, and 26x contracts. Basically, we would do whatever the client needed, usually trimming, mulching, weed control, leaves, etc. It was a great niche in the market, but scheduling was a beast.

    The way we set up these contracts were the same as any others, soley based on costs (labor and materials). If they are going to be under a contract, then basically figure out all your yearly costs then go from there. We charge $45-55 per man hour for labor rate. Sometimes we have to come off of that on some jobs to be competitive, but we usually don't have people say too much about our pricing. I might come off of your hourly rate a little, but you need to charge what your market will allow you to charge.

    Good luck!
  8. alwaysgreener

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    That is a good rate. We go up as high as $95 an hour and people are still calling to get clean ups done...never know next week can be $110 an hour.. :usflag:

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