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    Hello everyone!
    I'm looking at an opportunity to do freelance mechanic work for a local landscape company, servicing skid loaders, dingos, trailers and trucks, I will run my own business and contract to them using my own truck and tools, I am a professional mechanic in my normal job but in an unrelated industry, and am employed. I've been trying to research the going rate for a landscape equipment mechanic but no good results, I don't want to price myself out of consideration by being to high and also don"t want to work for too cheap, I have an idea of a fair rate, but thought I would get more input, Thanks for any help
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    Are you looking for retail rate or pay rate?

    Both depend on your area
    I’d try pricing by the job not the hour
    I think you get more bites.

    Oil change,
    Tire change
    Kinda like a quickie lube does it , they don’t charge by the hour

    Define what’s included in each service and what’s “out of contract” charge hourly for anything requested over and above the description but only with written authorization to do so.

    That’s pretty much how landscapers do their own contacts so they’ll be more comfortable that way.
    Hourly could mean that you spend all day changing a spark plug and are now looking to get paid $800
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    TPendagast - I had thought of that, PM services I could definitely figure a flat rate charge, depending on machine, However call outs, diagnosis, repair, fabrication, ect I figured T&M. Thank you for the input I'm going to get a bit more specific with rates
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    Here in central ohio my dealers shop rate is $85/ hr though I think they charge $75 for regular customers. If you're going to the customer charge a trip on top of hourly. I'd try to set it up so equipment comes to you ideally. I'd think you can charge more for diesel repair and heavy equipment.

    I think it's a great business idea and you could find yourself full time doing it in a year or two. Stop in and chat with your local landscapers in the off season and give them a magnet business card.

    Good luck!
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