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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by scott015, Mar 19, 2002.

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    hey guys, sorry to bother you, but I am a brand new home owner, I am 22 and just bought my very first house. My wife and I are SO excited of making it look really nice. She is doing the inside and I am doing the outside.... The front yard looks great, but the backyard is very boring... nothing but grass and a small 4x4 concrete slap for a porch.... so I am wanting to make this look REALLY nice.... The backyard is pretty small.... not TINY... but small.... I was wondering if anyone knew of a good website or book that would give me some good ideas... i found a book i bought at Lowes.... but only has plans for big yards.... I would appreciate any help you can give me.... THANKS A MILLION!!!!!
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    How about a water feature?? Great investment and they do not have to be very elaborate but they can be awesome. Let me know if I can help. I live in Roanoke. So not very far away. Thanx,

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    YES!!! i SO MUCH want to put a pond in the backyard. I went to Lowes and there are tons of shapes.... my wife thinks they are trashy looking.... and I agree they are either really nice or not nice.... I can use any help I can get.... i really wanted to just get some ideas.... i think just looking at some pictures would help alot... but cant find anything on the internet for small yards...

    I kinda thought about having a small pond, extent my patio, build a brick bbq grill, add some plants along the fence with either brick broder (curvy shaped) or that metal border that bends.... any other thoughts?
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    one of the biggest problems with homeowners is plant selection. Research your planting material that will work in your area. Sometimes Lowes will get in plants that may not work in your location. Make sure you space your plants properly and understand it;s growth habbit. Many want an instant landscape and will slap plants in and in 5 years it looks like a jungle.

    Inspect your planting material at the nursery. Remove the plant from the container and inspect the roots. They should be white. If the roots are wrapping around the plant it has been in the container to long. Simply select another one. Cantainer grown plants really don't need to be fertilized for the fist year because of the osmocoat that the grower has used.

    Big problem even with landscapers is planting to deeply. New house you got think about protecting your investment with an irrigation system.

    Hope this helps and remember a well landscaped home increases value at least 10%.

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