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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bamaturf, Jul 31, 2011.

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    who's got a good fertilizer plan for landscape plants? i'm using 14 14 14 2x a year, spring then fall. most common plants are evergreens, dwarf yaupons,
    compacta, hollys , azalea, k o roses, nandina, acuba,camelia,crepe myrtle,hydrangea,waxleaf privet,english boxwood etc
    seasonal flowers, pansies, impatients, begonias, daylillies,hostas etc.

    just looking for tips or ideas of fertilizer requirements of plants, what is enough
    or what is too much.
  2. It all depends on the plant. Our Florida natives dint need any fertilizer(save palms). Some need 2x, some 3-4. I use 8-2-12 which is a palm blend that the U of F made, but it can be used on ornamentals and turf. 8-10-10 is another good one.
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    Not sure about southern plantings, but you definately don't want N placed on your shrubbery in the fall time up here... they need to 'harden' off for the winter and they don't use N the same way grass does... N can actually cause winterkill in shrubs if it causes new growth just before winter...

    Woody shrubs shouldn't have a lot of water and fert anyways... It appears that rapid growth anytime of the year increases fungal problems along with the aphids, spider mites and any other pest that enjoys watersoaked growth... the other problem is the 'water shoots' that are not part of the normal healthy growth appear in huge amounts in the fertilized landscapes... the landscapes that insist on water/fert are too far gone and I don't even remove the watershoots anymore...
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    Yo Guys....I am seeing a Alabama, South Florida and Wisconsin trying to tell each other what to use.......You think you all have the same soil and Climate???..........Wouldn't your local County Extension Office or Reputable supplier be a better source of information???

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    I would separate your woody shrubs (UF once), perennials, and your annuals. When you fert your pansies, use nitrate ferts (hose end or such) when its cold and back off by spring.
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    I know exactly what you mean and it applies to perennials and annuals in great measure... however I believe it is wise to look at accelerating growth in woody plants in all regions and watch to see what is happening as a result of our actions... County Extensions are good, and it IS the first place to start, but there is still a lot of education done by fertilizer companies in the edu. system... I say they are wrong about rapidly growing trees and shrubs being a good thing... and a lot of that comes from personal observation...

    anyways thoughtful applications are more professional than reckless... :)
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    I am glad you see my point. BTW it is also valid for woody ornamental as well. What Works for in the frozen Tundra land might not work in my semi tropical climate.
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    thanks for the info guys , i respect your knowledge & experience.
    i know north & southern plantings are different, good point ric. im in zone 7
    forgot to mention.
    the plan i use is 14 14 14 2x a year , this came from lesco & the 2 nurseries
    that i buy plants from. i haven't contacted or talked with the county agent, i guess i might .
    also i have landscape customers with no water and no fertilizer and they seem
    to grow and look fine. and the reverse fertilizer with water and the same look.
    i have homeowners that use the new miracle-grow squirt guns on their potted
    plants , flowers etc ( they are huge ). i also have a customer that we cut plus
    the bed maintenance but tru green does the fert.( lot o dalis grass in bermuda
    kinda sad) . last year we did a bed makeover update,about a 100 plants in all.
    tru green up sold them on plant fertilizer, seems like tooo much excessive.
    because i replaced 2 0r 3 dead plants plus every week we get stuck picking up
    the weeds. that tells me its too much.

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