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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Husky03, May 28, 2006.

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    I am in the process of putting together a portfolio of my work that I can show to new customers to help persuade them to go with me. I have a black 3 ring binder with plastic sleeves and dividers, The first page has a list of my services etc. I have it divided into mowing, tree work, cleanups, mulch jobs etc. I am using the my digital camera and printing out the photos on photo quality paper trying to make it look as professional as possible. So far I have spent like $40 on everything including the paper and ink and all. Anyone ever done this and have any ideas for me? What to include?

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    hell of an idea.

    for mowing and cleanups, no one will probably care to see your pictures. have the tabs available, but at the back. for mowing, a picture of your truck and equpment, NO DOGS.

    for landscapes, show jobs you are proud of, and have references available.

    when showing to potential customers, LISTEN TO TEH CUSTOMER.

    I get most of my landscape bids where I meet the customer.
    I say things like:
    "What a beautiful house!"
    "Tell me your dream"
    "Please let me repeat back in my words what you just said. That way I know that I understood you." (people LOVE this!, and they WILL correct you if you get it wrong)
    "What is your budget?" (surprisingly, people will tell you. bugets are interesting. If you looking at something, thinking 3,000 bucks, and they say their budget is 10,000 bucks, then you are probably missing something bid, like the waterfall, or the back 32 acres you need to mow.)
    often customers won't tell you a price, but almost question you, adn say t\

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