Landscape Proposal Sample


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I already have a contract i just need an example of a proposal for a design, build job. If someone would be willing to share their's that would be awesome. You may PM me if you'd rather. Thnx!


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Most people will not share that info with you cause it is considered intellectual property. Not to mention they are usually tailored to that particular company and not a one or all type deal. My suggestion is talk to a contract lawyer about drawing one up for you.
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Definitely talk to an attorney for any contract. There are certain nuances that they know about that can make a HUGE difference, like a properly worded "four corners clause."

The points you should hit are for whom and where; scope of work, including where you're stopping and what's not being designed (for example, I design structures, but if the poolhouse is part of a future phase and money's an issue, I'll write that the poolhouse will be footprint only, detailed design available as part of a future agreement); exclusions (no engineer's stamp, no permit or shop drawings, no project management); time schedule or when they can expect to see the design (VERY important); a kill fee clause, so if they cancel the contract after you've started work you can recoup your time; and cost and payment structure.