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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mario491, Mar 28, 2010.

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    I wanted to thank everyone for there input on my last post about proposal
    writing it was very helpful. Now for another question you go meet a customer who wants her landscape redone. How do you go about quessing what they want to spend, because no one wants to give that info, and every professional knows how much a job could end up costing depending on how creative they want to be. I feel like i am shooting a dart into the darkness
    trying to give them what i think they want at a cost that i know is in their
    head, but they will not let me know. I know there have been post on design fees, but most people want a price to redo landscape and do not want to pay for a design their attitude is if you want this job i want to see what i"m getting. So does any one just list plants that will be used and hope they like the layout. I use to do a design after initial consult then go back with the price, bottom line i found out that no matter how good the design they did not want to spend that much, so i wasted time creating a design. How do you go about showing what selected plants look like without actually taking them to garden center, another time waster. MY NEW MOTTO IS GIVE ME DRAINAGE AND IRRIGATION IT MUCH EASIER TO CLOSE THESE DEALS AND LESS CUSTOMER INTERACTION.
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    Why don't you you give them a materials list and price proposal and tell them that you'll draw a plan for it once you get a deposit?
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    Thanks for your advice worked great!!
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    usually i will just come straight out and ask them when meeting with them, what kind of budget they have and explain to them, i dont want to draw up something that is way beyond there budget. They always understand and have often said they are happy i do that. A lot of other companies come back with these 50k elaborate plans to find out the customer only wants to spend like 15 or something like that.
  5. mario491

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    Thats exactly what i mean, i guess i will have to be a little more forward when meeting
    with customer. Its just they do not seem to want to give you the price that is already in their head. I will try again Thanks.

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