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    I am trying to help my friend make his small front yard nice looking. I have attached a drawing of what it sort of looks like.

    1. He has a 2 ft x 8 ft bed between a sidewalk and the porch that needs some plants in it. We have no clue what to put there. We obviously dont want something too tall since it will block the view from the porch and the windows and we dont want something high maintenence like flowers. What kind of ground cover or small plants that we can keep trimmed can we put in such a small area?

    2. We also want some ideas for the left front of the house. We have a larger bed there and want something larger and nice looking year around.

    Lastly, we are looking for plants that we can get at Lowes or Home Depot. Nothing too fancy!

    Please see the drawing. Thanks so much for the input.

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