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    I recently found out that I'll have to be moving my garden center to the southeast Dallas, TX area. I have a neat opportunity for landscape designers with a crew to showcase their work in a real setting. I'll set aside various areas around the property to be used for demo landscapes that local landscapers can design and install to show their handiwork, and in a weatherproof box, like the real estate industry uses, will be your company's contact info and a plant list of what you've installed. You can even include some pricing info if you'd like. At first I will only be designating about 6 areas for this purpose. 2-3 will be shade gardens, 1 may be the front of the old farm house and 2-3 more will be full sun fence line areas. The front of the business is actually still residential and I've got that landscape design covered and it will remain intact.

    I am working with a landscape architect who will help layout the overall site plan, but you will pretty much be free to design what you want within your area.

    I see this as a win win situation. I've no interest in starting a landscape division of my company - only do a few old customers' flower beds a few times a year - and this gives landscape companies a perpetual year round "free" home and garden tradeshow booth in a real environment. There are a ton of new homes going in out here in the Kaufman, Crandall, Seogoville, Terrell and Forney areas that will need landscapers. Most of the back yards are nothing but dirt and these are first time home owners without tools, knowledge and many are not going to be do it yourselfers. They'll need sod and gardens, etc.

    I am an organic nursery that promotes the use of drought tolerant and native plant materials - so it would be great to have like minded individuals' displays.

    I have a sandy loam mixed with some clay soil here so drainage isn't much of a problem. I would of course suggest addition of compost, but that can be a boon for the company you use as well if you give them a plug, I've had reduced pricing offered.

    Since I am moving, my hours at the old shop are few and far between, but you can sure leave me a message there and I'll get back to you. 214-348-3336. My target grand re-opening is March 13th or so. These beds do not have to be completed by then, but I will be working on press releases and publicity for the re-opening and I'd like to have some commitments by then and some work started/in progress for opening. The setting is on an old farm and should become a real destination location.

    I thank you for your feedback here, as well.

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