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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by scrib, Mar 26, 2005.

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    I am wondering if there is one of these "Punch" software programs that you can import a photo of a house and add plants and such. I have the Punch Pro software and can't seem to do it with that.
    If they don't what are some other good options?
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    I don't think landscape design software is something to go cheap on. I did however just meet with a software developer at a trade show in the last few months that designed his own water gardening software program since he could not find one that was to his standards. Its principle purpose is to design water gardens but also offers many other landscaping options that can be performed as well, like inserting a photo, decks, fences, misc plants. I have given two design presentations with it since I have had it and it sealed the deal. The customers were very impressed. It is very easy to use as well. The graphics are as good or better than any other software I have ever seen. Even way better than the 700.00 program I have. The guy is now working on a more complete landscape version. His water gardening software has flowing water and even fish swimming. It is all done in 3D. For the price it can't be beat. It will blow away any punch version on the market. The guy was a former developer for video games for a MAJOR maker in my area (Seattle) and designed a CAD program in the early 90's. This is a mom and pop outfit that are just trying to sell as many of these programs as possible.

    Check it out here:

    ~ J RAZ

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